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Imagine Music Festival's spectacular mainstage with fireworks at night

Imagine Festival looks to be moving to former TomorrowWorld grounds sooner than expected

When Imagine Festival began scouting Chattahoochee Hills as a possible site for their 2021 gathering, the news spread fast among the beloved People of TomorrowWorld. After all, dance music festivals have never been the same since the dreaded cancellation of Tomorrowland‘s US off-shoot, which hasn’t taken place since September 2015.

However, Imagine’s co-founder, Glenn Goodhand, may have hinted at the move coming as soon as 2020, according to a recent post to the festival’s Facebook page. The post instructs Imagine attendees to “hold on any hotel or airbnb reservations until our official venue announcement coming within 14 days.”

The new developments are merely speculatory at the current time. They even contradict previous reports that Imagine 2020 would remain at their current home. “Imagine Music Festival has a three-year agreement with Atlanta Motor Speedway through 2021,” said race track spokesman Dustin Bixby back in February.

While there’s been no word on a line-up just yet, Imagine 2020 tickets are currently on sale for their scheduled weekend, September 17 – 20. With Buku rescheduled for Memorial Day weekend, and  Bonnaroo now taking up the last weekend of September, it seems the month is already all-but claimed with large scale music festivals.

Imagine organizers believes 2020 ticket sales will be much higher in demand due to the number of festivals cancellations and postponements over the coronavirus pandemic.