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Bassnectar tweets new album, mixtapes, and high-res live recorded sets on the way

In the midst of so many dance music artists delivering so many live streams right now, fans of Bassnectar were beginning to wonder if their demigod would ever take part. Turns out, the man behind the project, Lorin Ashton, had something much better in mind. Recently, Ashton took a break from his vocal tweets about coronavirus and Trump’s failed response to give fans a piece of hope in dark times. According to the tweet, he’s got “tonnnns of new music en route” in the form of multiple mixtapes and “an entire secret album.” Cue the viral squeals from the Bassnectar family.

However, the good news doesn’t stop there. As a gift to fans during this current era of live streaming, Bassnectar will be releasing several of his live sets over the last few years in high-resolution. For those who know how vehemently opposed Bassnectar is to the recording of his live sets, this news is astounding and absolutely unprecedented. But dark times call for different measures. It’s true, after all, that we’re tapping into uncharted terrain with the way the coronavirus is restructuring the music industry and the world economy. So it looks as though Bassnectar is proving himself adaptable in the grand scheme of things.

Moreover, Bassnectar revealed in another tweet that “the album” was originally planned to arrive around Deja Voom but that his team is “re-mapping” the release in response to its cancellation. “Obviously the only thing consistent in this life is change,” says Ashton. He even went on to identify one song, “Nice & Easy” with UK riddim producer Rodney P, which “will be on one of the mixtapes and eventually ‘the album.'” For those who may be wondering, this is the same ID that Bassnectar dropped like a bomb on Okeechobee, which fans nicknamed “Hectic’s little brother.”

Photo credit: Rukes.