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Dallas bass producer totto transcends genre on wildly intelligent single, ‘Start Sequence’

totto is the bass music outfit of Dallas-based DJ/producer Owen Skorcz, who has been gaining more recognition in the regional electronic music scene surrounding Texas. His music and performances typically contain a general mix of neuro, halftime, trap, dubstep, experimental beats, and beyond. After mixing and mastering for artists such as JVNA, Krilla, Slooze, and more, totto is beginning to break out on his own for a sound that is both carefully crafted and extremely versatile.

Now totto has released a brand new track, titled “Start Sequence,” which the artist first teased last week in his #BANGUERZ guest mix with Benzi on Diplo‘s Revolution. With a strong 8-bit lead-in that feels like one is entering into a video game, what follows with “Start Sequence” is inventive, playful, bold, and wildly intelligent. From the song’s multi-tempo allure and experimental time signatures to its fusion of future bass and hybrid trap, to its anthemic melodic breaks and light moods, this is pure experimentation that feels both underground and main stage. Cleanly arranged and crisply mastered, “Start Sequence” transcends genre in favor of a vibrant listening journey

With support from Ekali, Graves, 1788-L, Minnesota, LSDREAM, Blanke, and many more, and releases on Deadbeats, Insomniac Records, and Prime, to name a few, totto is one artist who should be on every bass music fan’s radar. We’re just glad we spotted him now.