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Skrillex is launching a Twitch channel to conduct live streaming events

As the coronavirus worsens worldwide, droves of dance music artists are heading into the virtual to live stream their DJ sets. So much so that it’s becoming overwhelming to keep track. However, one artist that is a guaranteed scheduled tune-in would be none other than Mr. Sonny Moore. Recently, the man known as Skrillex announced he’s set up a new Twitch account with plans of streaming in the near future.

The announcement was made via Moore’s Instagram account, where he also revealed he’s been working hard to understand OBS and Discord—two essential programs to conduct the Twitch live stream. Admittedly, Skrillex says, “I’ve been playing catch up on all this tech stuff but I should be streaming in the next few days. The goal, for Skrillex, is to start raising money for the different relief programs for patients and healthcare workers affected by COVID-19.

Subscribe to Skrillex’s Twitch account here.