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Emancipator releases first album in three years, ‘Mountain of Memory’

Douglas Appling, also known under his Emancipator moniker, is back. The incredibly talented Portland producer has just released his first album since 2017’s Baralku. Needless to say, fans have been awaiting this for quite some time. Emancipator’s newest work of art, titled Mountain of Memory, features 14 transcendental tracks, three of which were previously released including “Labyrinth” and “Himalayan.”

The album takes listeners on a spiritual sonic journey through world tones and calming textures, providing everyone with almost an hour-long safe haven from all the current chaos of the default world. The project has a way of bringing about a sense of peace from within, undoubtedly soothing souls and lifting spirits. A wave of relief and reassurance washes over, allowing fans to move through fear to love. Emancipator previously mentioned that one of the tracks “has a quest-like adventurous spirit and reflects part of the hero’s journey toward enlightenment,” but in all actuality, the entire album feels that way.

Seeing that Appling went from playing the violin to using Ableton, it’s no surprise that he incorporates a lot of strings into his music. He floats between three main genres in which he’s classified as downtempo, electronica, and trip-hop. Mountain of Memory includes a little bit of everything. The violin is persistent throughout it all, as well as some flute and percussion. Emancipator’s signature sounds remain present, while also veering off to other uncharted areas. Some serious scratching can also be found in some of the tracks, while others are more mellow and transient. In any case, Emancipator undisputably takes people to different places with its mysticism.

Mountain of Memory is a truly magical masterpiece that emanates high vibrations. The LP is perfect for those who practice yoga, meditation, or really any activity that’s meant to align, focus, and connect. It’s also great for those seeking inspiration, or simply something to move around to. Show Emancipator some gratitude and be sure to check it out below.

Featured photo: Shutter Finger.