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Louis The Child tap Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler on colorful tune, ‘Little Things’

If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic can’t stop, it’s Louis The Child‘s creative output. The Chicago-based boys have been absolutely fierce with releases; that is, when they aren’t busy tearing up the decks for Digital Mirage. Coming off one of the biggest collaborations of their young adult lives, “Every Color” with Foster The People, now the duo teams up on another powerhouse collaboration on Interscope.

Titled “Little Things,” the boys bring along longtime friends and vocalists Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler on a timely and feel-good collaboration. The record couldn’t come at a better time, either, with lyrics like “one day we’ll think of these moments,” “every single second is golden,” and “til then let’s wreck shit and hold it down.” Cute, quirky, and fun, don’t let the song’s trivial nature fool you because the song derives its power from its sheer triviality.

“Little Things” is a breath of fresh air wrapped in Louis the Child’s signature colorful future bass aesthetic and uplifting indie-pop sound. Sometimes, getting back to simpler times is exactly what people need to clinge to in order to escape the fear and uncertainty of the present moment. That’s the message that “Little Things” seeks to impart.

Photo credit: Aaron Thackeray.