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Spades and Vermyllion shine on newest Spicy Bois compilation with heavy low-end cut, ‘Coalesce’

The Spicy Bois are always on the radar of many across the underground bass music landscape. On their newest eight-track label compilation, Would you just wook at it?, Spicy Bois from varying backgrounds explore a range of experimental styles and tastes. Standing out as a definite highlight on the album, Vermyllion is back with Chicago-based bass producer Spades on their newest collaboration. The single, “Coalesce,” provides the perfect fusion of the artists’ respective styles.

“I feel like the magic of this track really comes from all the little ear candy elements that fill out the background,” says Vermyllion. “Joe [Spades] is a genius with creating a soundscape and flow that is constantly changing and growing and evolving. I learned so much from working with him and immediately noticed my skills were leveled up after this collab.”

The track builds slowly and steadily creating a supernatural aesthetic with hints of the heavy bass that lies ahead. The build feels like a spaceship blasting off before throwing listeners into hyperspace. The trip is wonky, weird and enthralling. An alien-inspired break makes the second drop hit even harder with a truly engulfing sound. Thick bass, wild sound design, and perfectly placed audio flourishes come together for an exceptional heater. Listen below.