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Ravenscoon is poppier than he’s ever been on remixing Camila Cabello’s ‘Shameless’

It’s been a year since Bay Area resident Ravenscoon released his debut EP, Beautiful ChaosNow the swiftly rising underground bass producer is preparing for his second short-form project, MIND, which is set to land on April 20. Until then, he has given fans something to tide them over with a remix of Camila Cabello‘s “Shameless.” Ravenscoon himself admits the remix is a shot out of left-field, calling it “way poppier” than anything he’s ever done before.

The track showcases Cabello’s lyrics most of the way, as Ravenscoon layers his complex atmospheric melodies and 808 snare kicks underneath. Where Ravenscoon really shines is at the track’s climactic last drop, where the artist lays down the hammer onto his listeners in the form of his soul-snatching signature sounds. It’s wholly immersive, entirely hypnotic, and beautifully entrancing amidst all the controlled chaos. He even leaves the last minute or so for his instrumentals to take hold, intentionally arranging Cabella’s voice to tucker out around the 4-minute mark.

The Camila Ceballo remix is not on Ravescoon’s forthcoming MIND EP, but we can definitively say that the EP contains five tracks. The EP contained six tracks, but one was scrapped after a loss incident with TSA at a Florida airport. Of those tracks, Ravenscoon has played at least three live: “Through the Silence,” which he debuted in a Noise Shack Radio interview, “Control,” a joint with Feelmonger, and the EP’s title track, which is a mind-melting collaboration with Masohn and Born I.