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Take a deep dive into the world of experimental bass with UNKNWN’s ‘Regime Change’ EP

UNKNWN is the bass music identity of Brock Muellner, hailing from the frozen tundra of Green Bay, Wisconsin. His signature style of deep, low-end music has been released on respected labels from Gravitas Recordings and Euphoric to TheUntz. UNKNWN now releases his heady four-track EP, Regime Change, forcing listeners to take a deep dive into the world of experimental bass.

This EP symbolizes changes in life, power, and nature. Sitting on the deeper realm of dubstep, each track has a story of its own. ‘The Snake’ is inspired by natures constant shift between life and death. ‘Regime Change’ represents a sudden and forceful change of power,  ‘Cernunnos’ is named after the Celtic god of the forest, plants and fertility, representing the changing cycle of nature. Finally, ‘The Morrigan’ is also named after a Celtic deity, and represents our desire to fight change, and the idea that we are destined to change.

Alongside his catalog of huge releases, UNKNWN has been spotted on Funktion 1 Stages in Chicago, Hennessy Sound rigs in California, and everywhere in between. UNKNWN has proved he can swing with the major leaguers, having played direct support for artists like Bleep Bloop, Esseks, The Widdler, Tsuruda, as well as sharing festival lineups with G Jones and dubstep legends like Caspa and Mala, to name a few.

Photo credit: ASPCT.