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Manifest Gang’s Slaycub releases glitchy psybass gem, ‘Acid Shivers’

Anytime a Manifest Gang member releases a new track, the staff at CE is all over it like white on rice. What began as a group of five friends, who came together over a two week period to set intentions, meditate, and manifest their short-term goals, has now ballooned into a full-blown artist collective under the helm of Mystic Grizzly. Stationed in South Florida, Manifest Gang is spreading their message to the bass music masses all over the country.

Slaycub is the latest member to release his newest single, “Acid Shivers,” which is a slippery glitch-hop track that treks off into psybass territory. “This is an interesting tune from myself, venturing for the first time into the realm of psytrance,” says Slaycub on his experimental approach to the track.

Experimental, indeed. In fact, one would be hard-pressed to hear an uptempo glitch-hop suddenly take a turn into psybass for a thumping sidewinder rollercoaster ride. Winding through different waveforms and moods, Slaycub takes listeners through free form crests, breakbeat troughs, and tsunami-like low frequencies.

The track starts off crystal clean like bubble sheen, with low fidelity manipulation, stutters, beat repeat, pitched reverses, and cuts, before moving into deep, dark psy with its high-tempo riffs, the song is almost as if Tipper and Seven Lions’ Abraxis side-project had a baby.