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The Floozies’ third studio album ‘Dayglow Funk’ elevates their improvisational magic to new heights [ALBUM REVIEW]

One of dance music premier electro-funk duos, The Floozies, have long held their status within the jam scene, releasing music that centers around their classic multi-genre blend of music. Made up of Matt and Mark Hill, the two brotherly duo can be found at a wide variety of festivals playing packed-out dance parties to a dedicated fan base of “aliens.” The pair is well known for never using pre-planned set lists and playing completely off of one another. This translates into an extensive discography that takes their experimental, improvisational personas from the stage into the studio.

The Floozies now return with their third studio full-length, Dayglow Funk, which not only takes the band’s improv tradition to new heights but elevates their sound in ways they have never done before. The 11-track project features a variety of different genre elements in the form of collaborations with horn group The Terminus Horns, and fellow funk band Recess. The album also features previously released joint singles with some well-known artists, including “Till Day Gone” with rapper Tech N9NE and “I Ain’t Home” with dubstep producer Dirt Monkey, All of this culminates into a journey that promises to take listeners from psychedelic pop to grimy wubs to wavy, instrumental jam.

Dayglow Funk opens with the already popular Dirt Monkey collaboration, “I Ain’t Home,” which is a dubstep-adjacent funk piece that showcases the contrasting styles of the artists without ever sounding forced. It fades into their first solo piece, called “Find This Love.” This song starts off in typical Floozies style, getting right into their synthesizers and midtempo beat before slowing down halfway through into lovelorn vocals and slowly building back into the jam.

Next up is “Blow My Mind” and “Ah Jeez,” two all original tracks fully embracing the Floozies unique sound. Containing elements of uncomplicated drum beats, playful melodies, and low vocals, they stay laid back while still being fun dance anthems. “Ah Jeez” features a callback to their 2017 album Funk Jesus, with vocals and similar stylistic choices that fans will love.

“Desert Flower” is a highlight of the album, blooming with romance-inspired vocals and warm notes. This track is reminiscent of summer festival days in the heat, and will transport listeners right into that moment with its drop. Following this decided climactic point in the album comes “Only With You,” a short but heartfelt 2000’s style piece that binds generational styles of music to create a peaceful interlude.

One of the singles released in anticipation of the album, “Till Gone Day” with Tech N9NE, falls next on the album, bringing the forward drive right back after slower songs. The Floozies truly let the rapper shine, surrounding his verses with deep and dark instrumentation. The artists clearly had some fun with this one, and it radiates through the music.

“Buyout” with The Terminus Horns is another standout track, perfectly nailing and even improving on the Floozies typical sound. The addition of the horned instruments blends beautifully with the usual synthesizers, drums, and guitars, even featuring some solo moments for the collaborators to strut. The drops are creatively built up and executed with just the right amount of force, making this one song to put on repeat.

The Hill brothers get creative with the next songs, “Shred Thirst” and “I Want It All,” dipping into a classic jam sound and letting the music take over. “Shred Thirst” is the faster paced of the two, with emphasized guitar strums and perfectly scratched drop. Coming in hot right after, “I Want It All” is a wavy, melodic tune that dives into a more soulful sound, backed by a drop that vibrates into your bones.

Last but certainly not least, “I Don’t Want U 2 Go” with Recess closes out the project. As the farewell piece, it possesses an almost nostalgic feel as the vocals plead with a lost love to stay. With a beachy drum pattern and powerful final chord, it wraps up the album without letting it linger too long.

While the Floozies had to postpone their tour with Sunsquabi due to the pandemic, this new album is sure to give fans something to look forward to when they return. They haven’t lost a bit of their sound, and as a fun, creative, and uplifting endeavor, it is one that will add a whole new element to their live shows and bring the party right back like it never left.

Featured photo: Lia Tabackman