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MIZE announces he’s ready to release his next body of work

For fans of MIZE (Ian Evans), there’s been promises of a new EP looming for almost a year. When a young producer goes 90 from nothing at full-throttle speed, it’s quite understandable. Just last year at Electric Forest, when MIZE took to the renegade after-hours sets, was the moment that Evans’ career broke through and there’s really been no looking back ever since.

In a recent exclusive podcast interview on Conscious Electronic‘s Wide Awake Radio, Evans elaborated in detail on why his next project had to be put on hold. The last nine months have moved at “lightning speed,” he explained, forcing him to prioritize overwhelming career changes over an EP release. But now is the moment that Evans can finally publically announce that the project is ready.

“Since then I’ve gone and torn that EP apart and made changes and rearrangements to the point where now I’m READY to release this body of work,” MIZE elaborated in his Facebook fn group today, April 20. “I’m so genuinely proud of what I’ve created and what’s in store. This EP has BIG plans coming up and I’m so so so sooo excited for this story to unfold”

The title and release date are still under wraps, but for those yearning to catch a glimpse of what’s to come on the forthcoming EP, Evans says he’s putting every track from the EP in his set from Electric Hawk’s Harmony Virtual Music Festival, taking place next weekend from April 25 through 26. The set is going to be 45 straight minutes of all-unreleased original music, divulges MIZE. Stay tuned for set times arriving this week.

Also, be sure to stream the full podcast episode on our SoundCloud page, where MIZE goes into the EP, his mixtapes, and his general thoughts on releasing more music en masse.