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Electric Forest’s 2020 cancellation is the first official statement to opt for good energy: ‘We will build our moment together’ [Op/Ed]

After pulling deep into their backpacks and testing nearly every possibility for postponement, Electric Forest finally had the face the music. First, organizers petitioned the Rothsbury Village Council to move their 10th-anniversary gathering to September. When the proposal was voted down, they released a statement that they were looking for other fall weekend options. Now, Electric Forest HQ has officially announced it’s 2020 cancellation in the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

But this statement noticeably stood out from the barrage of letters coming from festivals all over the country — with their PR phrases, “we are heartbroken,” “we are devastated,” “it is with a heavy heart,” and other empty words that would become media food for the fodder. Rather than bellowing over in sorrow, shame, sadness, and guilt, Electric Forest chose to rise above with hope and optimism. “Sit back from your screen for a moment, close your eyes, and imagine the energy when gates finally open to celebrate the 10th chapter of Electric Forest,” the statement begins.

“Imagine positive vibrations at levels we have never felt in our lifetimes. It will be an immense moment of celebration, and preparing for that energy will keep Forest HQ working tirelessly until opening day.”

Choosing to express gratitude, praise, and all the things of “positive vibrations” over all other lower-level emotions rooted in fear, it goes to show just how magical of a place Sherwood Forest is and why so many call it home. To be clear, it’s not a place at all. It’s a feeling, an energy. Home is where the heart is, and Forest Family can feel it all the way from Rothbury.

“In times like these we are grateful to stand strong with you as the Forest Family. We are also eternally thankful to the family members who come together to create so much each year,” they continue, before going to praise all the people “who individually and collectively make Electric Forest so very special and unique.”

All in all, it’s a statement filled with good energy and a much-needed change of pace during this “unprecedented time.” It’s a challenge to seek love, positivity, and higher vibrations during a time when so much fear and uncertainty continually circulate like wildfire among the masses. But Forest shoots for the stars and scores.

“We are stronger as a community than we are as individuals. Knowing that we will all gather again soon will remain a bright spark and a guiding light—and we will build our moment together.”

It’s a reminder that all festival producers would be remised to adopt. Change starts with the individual, but we are stronger together in love and light. Read the full statement below.

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