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Rothbury Village Council votes down Electric Forest’s request to postpone tenth anniversary [UPDATED]

Last month, rumors began swirling that Electric Forest was making a bid to postpone its tenth anniversary due to Michigan’s worsening Coronavirus outbreak, thanks to none other than @Festiveowl. Then, a more tangible piece of evidence surfaced weeks later from within one of the Electric Forest Family fan groups on Facebook. The photo was of a bulletin regarding a Special Meeting of the Rothbury Village Council to discuss Madison House’s request to change the dates from June 25-28 to September 10-13.

That meeting took place on this very night, less than an hour ago, and already the @Festiveowl reports that the request has been denied. Therefore, barring that COVID-19 doesn’t somehow dry up within the next month, Electric Forest 2020 will likely be canceled. Keep in mind, preparation for such a gargantuan event takes a full month out on Double JJ Ranch. So organizers aren’t going to go through with planning in May if it puts production staff and stage workers at risk.

Many questions still linger in the air. Stand by for more information from Electric Forest HQ, which will be the official word. If called off, this will mark the first major festival cancellation in June.

At the time of writing, US deaths from COVID-19 now totals over 16,500. In Michigan, there are currently 21,500 COVID-19 cases with the death toll sitting at 1,076 in the state.

UPDATE: Thursday, April 9, 8:42pm CST: Electric Forest has responded with an official statement outlining that they are still exploring other dates and options for the postponement of Electric Forest 2020.

Photo credit: Chad Smith.