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electronic producer Random Rab stands in front of Giza Pyramids

Random Rab releases ‘Home’ as part of larger lunar phases album roll-out

The new moon is often viewed as a symbol of new beginnings. The lunar phase has long been thought by many cultures to provide a reset — goals are renewed, desires are set, and new intentions are made. For Random Rab, aka Rab Clinton, tonight’s new moon is a “time to get low to the ground and release ourselves to the darkness.” Often referred to as “The Master of Emotion,” Rab’s musical style embraces a wide array of styles from downtempo and trip-hop to Arabic and west coast bass influenced.

CE has had a close eye on Random Rab since the conception of the blog, with his Mourning Mix capturing our hearts with its dedication to all those who have departed. Now Clinton is preparing to release his next album, The Space Between, and he’s rolling it out in unique fashion. He’ll be releasing a new song on every full moon and new moon until it “feels right to release the entire album.” Landing with tonight’s new moon is the LP’s third record, “Home,” a stirring downtempo cut that calls listeners back into the heart’s center. Complete with tribal chanting, organic textures, whispered lyrics, minimalist production, all wrapped into Rab’s signature percussion and soothing sonic stamp.

“I wrote this one up in the Wild Basin of Rocky Mountain National Park,” says Rab of how the track came together. “You can hear my lovely girlfriend Michele reciting poetry by the raging fire. My dear friends Derek Guarascio and Eric Warner, without whom the album would not be possible, laid down percussion, vocal vibrations, and rolling ayahuasca beads. We all stayed up all night and celebrated the deep resonance of the mountain. I hope the joy of this experience is captured in the music.”

Considering Random Rab hasn’t released a full-length album since 2015’s Awoke, his dedicated fanbase has certainly been nothing if not patient with the Oregon-based producer’s creative process. There is no set release date for the forthcoming LP, but such is the beauty of being able to release when the time feels right as an independent artist. Thus far, Rab has released two tracks, “The Servant of Desire,” and the album’s title track, “The Space Between.”