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Taska Black and Duskus unite on bitbird for vibrant future bass collaboration, ‘Be There One More Time’

Having been good friends and label mates for years, Taska Black and Duskus finally combine forces on their first-ever collaboration, “Be There One More Time.” The track is out now on San Holo‘s prestigious independent imprint, bitbird.

Taska started with a draft of the melody years back, but when at some point it kept getting back to him he decided he wanted to work on it again. He sent it to Duskus over the internet, combining their unique and signature electronic sounds in a beautiful, energetic indie electronic bass tune. The two kept going back and forth on it from there and Sofie Winterson continued on their concept with a compact yet beautiful lyric, proving that also in social distancing, great art can be made.

Although made over quite a distance, Taska and Duskus synched on the nostalgic feeling of the song immediately. “Be There One More Time” is about cherishing these beautiful memories you have and allowing yourself to relive them and feel the same joy as you did back then.

“It reminded me of longing for the excitement you used to have when you were young. I, and so do many people I think, remember getting this inner joy and excitement for simple things like summer break, playing with your friends, running home from school to play a new video game, spending the holidays with your family,.. It’s like that kind of excitement fades away over the years and this song is all about bringing that back,” Taska shares.

Opening with a vocal debut form Taska and a simple, distant melody, the song quickly gets more atmospheric with every layer added. From delicate guitar chords to the familiar bass sounds but with a house tempo, “Be There One More Time” spans a wide array of colors and truly takes the listener away on a nostalgic trip down memory lane.