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WTF’s That Virtual Massive to bring Thriftworks, Freddy Todd, & more for upcoming collaborative virtual experience

Massive is about giving back to the artists who have been impacted by COVID-19. Its about giving the fans an opportunity to continue listen to their favorite artists as well as letting artists continue to perform.”
– David Johns founder of WTFs That Sound

While COVID-19 has physically pushed the world apart, it has also virtually pulled everyone together at the same time. In the EDM community, in particular, there’s been nothing but community during times of division and generosity during times of need.

We’ve all been incredibly lucky to view our favorite artists at the comfort of our own home, we co-exist in a musical environment that allows us to view artists play sets that would normally cost several of hundreds or thousands of dollars to book — all for free.

Keep in mind, the virtual live stream festival concept didn’t start behind a paywall but instead gave away art, performances, and experiences for free. This “give first” mentality has opened a new type of conversation and interaction as dance music fanatics have returned in kind. Just look to Room Service Music Festival, which raised over 135K for charities.

This is what defines us, our music scene is rooted in the value of how we treat each other and how we treat the very glue that binds us together. When we unite and work together we can do what we could never do alone.

WTF’s That Virtual Massive (WTVM) was born from this very fabric: to showcase established artists like Thriftworks, Freddy Todd, and eevee, alongside upcoming heavy hitters like DREVM, LEViT∆TE., and Shanghai Doom. The collaborative effort aims at curating and providing opportunity for new talent as well, featuring upcoming and emerging artists Viskus, Jonnie Boi, and Rauchle.

WTVM’s founder, David Johns explains:

We hand picked each of these artists because they have inspired us, we hope that people will take away that together we have one thing in common: a passion for the music we fell in love with.
We hope that people will take away the closest experience to a real-life festival vibe.
We hope that people will go all out to enjoy the experience we have put together.
We hope that people realize how special this is and to never to take streams or live experiences for granted.
The artists want to perform what they’ve created, visually and musically; the collectives and management want to continue sharing their favorite art during a worldwide pause.
We all just want to create and share this unforgettable virtual experience together.

When asked if he had any particular sets or artists he wanted to see, Johns explained:

I’m very much excited to see what each artist has up their sleeve, however I am personally most excited to see Unlimited Gravity. Unlimited Gravity has been one of my favorite artists since I was 14 years old and this will finally be my first with a “live” UG performance!

Catch the virtual festival on WTF That Sound’s Twitch this weekend starting today, May 6, at 12pm EST through May 11 at 5am EST.