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RAvenscoon plays Ableton with live image projection

Stream Ravenscoon’s beautifully heavy ‘Return to Downtempo Adventure’

San Fransisco-based artist Ravenscoon has been incredibly busy during quarantine. The underground bass producer, who originally hails from Atlanta, is fresh off his newest EP, Mind, which CE reviewed pretty in-depth. He’s also been playing numerous live streams, most recently at Harmony and Sofa Sessions, and has a podcast coming out with us next month on CE‘s Wide Awake Radio! Ravenscoon has also been promising his close-knit fan community that he would be releasing a new downtempo adventure and the artist has held true to his word with a Return to Downtempo Adventure mixtape.

The hour-long mix doesn’t really downtempo at all, but that’s one of the things that Ravenscoon has been exploring in the heavier side of downtempo. The mix spotlights Ravenscoon’s beautifully heavy signature sounds, along with portions of throwback tracks from TaTu’s “All The Things She Said,” Crime Mob’s “Knuck If You Buck,” which harkens back to Ravenscoon’s Atlanta roots.

Hard to believe it’s been almost full year since Ravenscoon released his fifth (and then-thought “final”) Downtempo Adventure. As it turns out, music is never really final but always evolving, morphing, and progressing. Also, check out Ravenscoon’s third Downtempo Adventure, which we featured as the inaugural Midweek Mantra Mix. No lack of love for Ravenscoon here at CE.

Also, be sure to RSVP over Facebook to Ravenscoon’s Downtempo Adventure Audio/Visual Experience taking place May 13 over his Twitch account.