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MUST LISTEN: Ravenscoon releases the fifth and final mix in his Downtempo Adventure Series

Since we’ve last checked in with Ravenscoon, the rising Bay Area based producer was fresh off the release of a chilling collaboration with illanthropy and his Downtempo Adventure Pt. 3 mix. Since then, he’s managed to find a home with 40 Oz Collective as well as released the fourth installment of mixtape series.

Now the burgeoning young talent is wrapping up his Downtempo Adventure series once and for all with the delivery of his fifth mix today. Throughout the series, he has explored everything from heavy to soft, all keeping in tempo with the slow and low BPMs.

“When i started the downtempo series i was feeling very uninspired and ready to express a side of me that i hadn’t before yet through music,” says Ravenscoon humbly recounting his journey. “i had been known for making lots of heavy and aggressive mixes – but that wasn’t representing every side of me.

i am a very sensitive person – sometimes to my own detriment. so i sat down and wrote the mix to downtempo 1 in one sitting. i didn’t try to make the mixing perfect, with some of even being out of key. i wanted it to be raw. an expression of what i was feeling in that immediate moment without the insane and countless revisions that i normally do when creating a mix. i wasn’t going to listen to a 15 second segment 150 times for three hours trying to get it exactly right. i wanted to beat that.

i was very nervous on releasing something so new and different but the response to the first one was overall very good… the final installment, PART V, is back to the roots. it sits at 120bpm, almost all wave, downtempo, and trap. nothing crazy. just a beautiful ride into how i’ve been feeling lately – beautiful mixed with an almost melancholy sadness.”

Ravenscoon will be playing Electric Forest’s Panky Rang renegade afterhours bus in the GA/RV campgrounds, where he promises to deliver a heavy set. In the meantime, consider this 30-minute gem Ravenscoon’s official Forest Roadtrip mix.

Track Listing:

Cantoma – Claudio’s Theme (feat. Danny Rampling)
—> Imagine Dragons – Radioactive (Acapella)
iSorin – Through The Forcefield
Bawldy – I’ve Tried
—> Emerald Lake & Vablu – Casual
Giant Ibis – Behind Closed Eyes
Bokken – Insomnia
Spaceouters – Isolated
Harukasuka – Feelings
MYSTIC & Sace – Desire
Sorsari – Glaciers
–> Baby D – I’m Bout Money (Acapella)
Skeler – Witching Hour
—> BoB ft. Nicki Minaj – Out of My Mind (Acapella)
IVES – Monkey Paw
Deadcrow – Icefire