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Freddy Todd gets highly experimental on new Wakaan LP, ‘WRECKULOUS’ [STREAM]

Although Freddy Todd has been rather silent on releases up until now, the Detroit bass producer has long been known for conjuring up weird and elaborate experimental sound designs. However, he has enjoyed features on Liquid Stranger’s Polarity LP as well as GRIZ’s remix of “Audible Edibles.” Resting at the threshold between bass and future funk, Freddy Todd now adds to his long-running resume with a 9-track full-length studio effort, dubbed WRECKULOUS.

Coming as Freddy’s second album on the esteemed Wakaan label, which joins his Chrondor EP from last year, his newest LP sits in the blurred space between glitch, neuro, and something one might hear from a halftime Slug Wife production. From the standout collaboration with Of The Trees, “MENTAL SCHLUGG,” through the eery synths of “Comicosmic,” all the way to the album’s glitched-out closing track in “Asteroid Guccibelt (IDFWY),” the entire project is a journey into intricate experimental bass.

One thing is for certain: WRECKULOUS is like nothing we’ve heard before from Freddy Todd. It’s also further proof that Todd has full creative license on Wakaan.