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Flume tease remix of Eiffel 65’s hit ‘Blue (Da Ba Dee)’ [WATCH]

Flume recently posted a video on Instagram captioned “Roses r red my face is blue here is a song I made it for u @eiffel65gram.” The video, sure enough, is him with a rather blue face working on a remix to the notorious 1988 top hit.

This isn’t too out of the blue (no pun intended) for Flume, who’s notorious for having a comedic side. His dog, Percy, who you can also find on Instagram over at @lilfried.chicken doesn’t seem the slightest bit surprised that the Australian producer is covered, hands and face, in paint.  The precious pup causally lays unbothered beside Flume’s chair while the remix blares through the speakers.

Seeing as this isn’t a song that’s been remixed before, fans of both Flume and electronic music in general are ecstatic over this. Flume has already found a way to add his signature sounds into this simple 23 second clip, tweaking it up a bit and transforming it into something beautiful. Unfortunately, there is no more information surrounding the remix from either Eiffel 65 or Flume at this time, but stay tuned.