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Glass Animals reveals details on upcoming 17-track album

Glass Animals have been on fire after their unexpected hiatus through most of 2018 and 2019, after drummer Joe Seaward was in an accident. Luckily for fans, the break seems to have done the group well, and they’ve already released three singles this year and several of Dave Bayley’s Quarantine Covers. The English indie pop group (Dave Bayley, Joe Seaward, Ed Irwin-Singer, and Drew MacFarlane) are steadily building hype for their newest studio album, Dreamland, set to release July 10. This is their first full-length work since their sophomore album, How to be a Human Being, dropped in 2016.

The newest project promises to pack a punch, with a whopping twelve tracks and five “home movies.” Some tracks, such as “Tangerine” have already been played out live at this year’s shows, but others like “Waterfalls Coming out of Your Mouth” are entirely new. The title song, “Dreamland,” was released recently, with an accompanying music video gorgeously capturing the ethereal, dreamlike vibe of the tune and spotlighting Dave Bayley in quarantine putting it all together. Glass Animals have also been hard at work updating and adding content to their open source website for fans to enjoy and create with entirely for free. This has proved lately to be one of the first places they release hints and news, as well as random musings and tidbits about the group.

While there’s no news yet on whether or not fans can expect more singles from the album, the boys are tirelessly creating and sure to continue providing content until the drop date. Preorder the album here and watch the newest music video below to get a taste of what’s to come.

dreamland album art dreamland tracklist

Featured photo: The Chow Kit.