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lane 8 plays dj for festival crowd

Lane 8 delivers ‘Roll Call’ with Anderholm

Daniel Goldstein, known better by the Lane 8 moniker, has been steady pumping new tunes. The most recent track being “Bear Hug,” which was far different from what is usually heard from this Denver-based producer. In addition to that, he had previously released “Groundhog day, a mixtape” which came as a surprise to everyone.

Now, Lane 8 has teamed up with Anderholm, a rising star signed to his This Never Happened label, once again to deliver a very blissful new track titled “Roll Call” for fans to add to their quarantine playlists. The two have some history working with each other – collaborating, remixing, and even touring together at one point. Lane 8 and Anderholm’s 2018 track “Bluebird” became an immediate fan favorite, so it’s no surprise that this long overdue track from the two is already shaping up to do the same.

The soothing sounds in this track are sure to bring about a sense of inner peace and safety, perhaps from the chaos in the current outside world. Lane 8’s signature sounds remain omnipresent while Anderholm adds his own exquisite twist to it. The bassline is enthralling from the start and will leave listeners wanting more, as it slowly begins to build up, and the progressive house takes over. With the use of some strong synths and beautiful vocals, this song will guide listeners into a state of transcendence.

Featured photo: Maria