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Kaskade and Project 46 follow-up their 2013 hit record with ‘Chains’

Kaskade may be a household name in electronic music, working alongside Meghan Trainor, Gorgon City, and so many more pop stars, but his duetted counterpart is not. Project 46, the Canadian duo Ryan Henderson and Thomas Shaw, are known for their melodic, progressive sound that never fails to inspire and uplift listeners. They began Project 46 in 2011 and were active until 2016, with releases on Ultra Records, Monstercat, and many more. Still, the trio has proven they love working together.

Kaskade and Project 46 now once again joined forces for their new track “Chains,” a cathartic sonic journey through a myriad of emotions that harkens back to Kasade’s early 2010s sound. The track is the pair’s follow up single to 2013’s chart-topping hit, “Last Chance,” the opening track from Kaskade’s Atmosphere LP and Project 46’s most-streamed single to date.

The track begins with angelic vocals over a progression of gentle melodies and rolling basslines into a bouncy, big-room influenced climax. “Chains” pulls at the heartstrings of anyone who has felt trapped or restrained in life, either by others or themselves. By the time the track’s drop comes, one begins to feel as if the chains themselves have been released and a weight has been lifted. This is what any elated house music track should do.