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Dancefestopia given green light for fall 2020 event, following safe guidelines

The music festival Dancefestopia (DFT) has just been approved by officials to move forward with it’s ninth edition of the festival, scheduled September 10-13 in La Cygne, Kansas. The “Emerald City” themed electronic event has become a hit in the Midwest, usually providing diverse and bass heavy lineups. While the move at first seemed to give a glimmer of hope in dark times—especially with the added news that the all artists on the lineup are still confirmed—it was ultimately met with quite a bit of controversy from attendees and fans.

Anyone who regularly attends music festivals has been missing them this year, and many have become numb to the slew of cancellations brought forth by COVID. As many festivals that originally pushed back to fall start to cancel entirely, DFT’s decision raises the question of whether it’s truly safe for a large scale (Dancefest had around 50,000 festival goers in 2019) camping festival to move forward like normal. Organizers promised via Twitter that they’re working with health and government officials to provide a safe and healthy environment, but no details have been released yet on prevention measures.

While the organizers still face the possibility of cancellation as the event draws closer, this is one of the largest scale festivals to confirm it’s intentions of moving forward thus far. The move could prove to be influential to other major festivals as they are faced with the same difficult decisions. After all, the move could be viewed as the industry-wide litmus test to see how well music venues can implement and enforce health measures and sanitation in large gatherings. Dancefest has also made a promise that all tickets come with automatic refunds in case of a later cancellation, in an effort to provide security to passholders during uncertain times. Only time will tell if these ambitious plans come to fruition, and if festivals can truly still happen in 2020.

Featured photo: Chilly Media.