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Dubloadz launches Ghost Gang Records with harrowing five-track ‘Sharp Objects’ EP

Having delivered his “savage wonk” style to a number of bass labels since he started out, Dubloadz has released on Disciple, Smog, Never Say Die, and Deadbeats over the course of his burgeoning career. Now comes the time for the young artist to forge his own musical archive with his new imprint. Marking the launch of Dubloadz’s Ghost Gang Records with a truly monumental first release is his new Sharp Objects EP.

“Sharp Objects is a love letter to my deeper and darker styles of production,” Dubloadz says of the EP. “Over my years of making music I’ve stopped frequently to make a deeper track in the sea of heavier stuff but it had been a while since I sat down to write a cohesive EP in that style.”

Spanning five tracks in length, Riddled with his eerie signature beats, the project gets off to a dark start with the title track. Moving steadily with menacing vocal interjections and cavernous riffs, its atmospheric essence soon seeps through the speakers. This EP puts a heavy focus on dark atmospheric elements, space, and attention to small details. “It’s a different style of writing process from making aggressive stuff and one I personally enjoy most,” continues Dobloadz.

“Breathe Underwater” arrives next with its distinctive sampling and expansive layering –replicating a feeling of being submerged throughout. “Spirit Orb” marches forward with formidable punch and rhythmicality, before “Pepper VIP” sweeps into action with stuttering precision and low-end grind. Rounding off the EP is “House Of Ghosts,” an immediate assault on the senses with its creepy vocal cackles and rippling, guttural bass stabs.

Photo credit: Jude Aotik.