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SoDown releases three-track ‘Night Glow’ EP

For some time now, fusion act SoDown has been turning heads at CE with his provocative jamtronica-meets-bass fueled sound and energetic on-stage personality. The Boulder-based saxophonist, also known as Ehren River Wright, is now ditching the live instruments for the heavily bass-laden electronic beats. Wright’s newest, three-track EP, titled Night Glow, dips down mostly into low-end bass territory with left-field touches and hip-hop elements to boot. Hardly surprising, too, since SoDown has selected Boogie T’s Drama Club Recordings as the home for the EP’s wide release.

Whether it’s the foreboding bass lines of “Bring It Back,” the intricate chords, hip-hop vocal chops, and paralyzing drops on “Hecate,” or the experimental grooves on “Rip It,” the entire Night Glow EP takes listeners on a journey into the swamp-step that Boogie T’s label is becoming know to tout time and again. Yet, the project doesn’t leave out SoDown’s signature funky tones completely. Those can be heard ever-so-subtly if one listens to the many nuances of the record.

Stream the full EP now and be sure to check out SoDown Sundays every week at 9pm EST.