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pluko unveils whimsically serene sophomore studio album, ‘Color Blind’

Hard to believe that pluko released his critically-acclaimed debut album, sixteen, almost two years ago. The LP was described by CE as “delicate, smooth, scenic, introspective, and yet crisp, high-energy, enrapturing, and beguiling.” Now the young experimental wunderkind closes out several months of teasing LP tracks — blessings” and “the lovely one,” and “used to,” respectively — pluko is sharing his full sophomore album, Color Blind.

Color Blind, which is out on the Pennsylvania native’s own independent imprint, is a majestic 13-track record full of unfettered imagination and genre-pushing musicality. pluko demonstrates his technical prowess throughout the album, dabbling with grandiose percussion, multi-layered production, and glistening synth work.

“My entire goal for Color Blind was to write something that everyone can enjoy and listen to, even non-electronic fans,” pluko writes of the album. “I tried to create a vibe that feels extremely fresh. Something that nobody has heard before.”

He buries hidden tidbits throughout the album, like a Morse Code poem on “i hope its not goodbye,” and French spoken word at the end of “rainbow,” making for an interactive and innovative listening experience. In addition to his solo work on the album, pluko also collaborated with artists like Panama, ilo ilo, Nate Traveller, and Cassette Tapes, expanding his sound into new genre territories.

pluko is also releasing the Color Blind album film. Clocking in at 44:44, the same length as the album, the visual is a hypnotic and cinematic complement to the audio release.
Stream/watch the full LP, out now on Splendid Society, pluko’s record label, collective, and fashion brand.