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pluko and Cassette Tapes join forces on infectious new single, ‘used to’

One of the highlights from this past weekend’s Digital Mirage online music festival was rising electronic producer, pluko. While fans in the US were streaming during twilight hours, the 19-year-old rising star had recorded a set in his backyard as the morning sun peaked over his house earlier that day. The set was a testament to the young producer’s expert mixing skills, his ear for experimentation, and his understanding of layering complex beat structures.

Now pluko has brought in Bay Area indie-pop duo Cassette Tapes and songwriter Peter Fenn on an infectious new single, “used to.” Building on a demo that pluko had made a few days prior to the session, the collaborative single came together seamlessly over the course of only a few hours. “I’m so happy with how this turned out,” pluko writes, “I still find myself listening to it for fun when I need a mood booster.”

“used to” is the latest showcase of pluko’s knack for crafting infectious crossover anthems, following on the heels of his recent releases, “blessings” and “the lovely one.” pluko’s playful bass-filled tracks glitter with imagination and forward-thinking production techniques. He consistently pushes the boundaries of his own musicality, creating colorful records that feel authentic and fresh.