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Lollapalooza announces 2020 cancellation + virtual live-stream event

Due to COVID-19 continuing to spike all across the country, Chicago’s storied festival, Lollapalooza, has officially joined the countless other festivals that have been forced to cancel their 2020 editions. The decision comes as Illinois is the fourth leading state in the country for Coronavirus infections, with nearly 130,000 cases at the time of writing. This summer, Lollapalooza would have been celebrating their 30th anniversary.

However, there is a tidbit of good news that comes along with Lollapalooza’s announcement. On July 30 through August 2, a virtual installment of Lollapalooza will be taking place. It surely won’t be the same as it usually would be with when thousands of other souls come together in Chicago’s Grant Park but it still provides fans with a sense of togetherness as they highlight various performances from around the state as well as archived festival sets and never before seen footage.

Lollapalloza organizers had the following to say on the live stream: “The weekend-long virtual event will include performances from around the city and beyond, archival sets from Chicago and the festival’s six international editions, never-before-seen footage from the 1900s and much more. Full schedule coming next month.”

Undoubtedly, Lollapalooza is a long-running powerhouse institution, with the festival undergoing many transformations over the years. It is also one of the most-attended festivals every year. Lollapalooza is promising an incredible return next year as they celebrate their 30th anniversary and will be working hard to make it the best year yet. Until then, stay tuned for more information about the upcoming online event.

Featured photo: Rukes