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The Dalai Lama releases timely single off 85th birthday album, ‘Compassion’

In a time of pandemics, cancel cultures, and wide-spread protests, the announcement of the Dalai Lama’s new album, Innerworld, has many followers excited. These spiritual tracks are the type of music the world truly needs right now. 

The album is partly being released to celebrate the spiritual leader’s upcoming 85th birthday. Moreover, the album will actually be released on his birthday, July 6. Fans can expect serene and calming tracks once released.

Luckily, fans that have been waiting for the release got a quick teaser. The Dalai Lama pre-released “Compassion.” The single boasts a pure and mellow sound that brings out several emotions trapped in the soul. To any individual seeking spiritual enlightenment, Innerworld is definitely worth listening to. Or if someone just wants to find some peace of mind in this crazy world, Innerworld has everything anyone would need. 

Photo credit: Eric Feferberg/AFP/Getty Images.