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David Starfire and Arula team up for ‘Keepsake’ ft. Drumspyder & Jeff Stott

Emerging vocalist Arula has teamed up with global bass music pioneer David Starfire for a refreshing and spiritually rich single titled “Keepsake.” Releasing his official remix for world-renowned electronic music artist DubFX last month titled “Fire Every Day,” David Starfire layers Arula’s ethereal vocals over Drumspyder’s hypnotic percussion, and world music virtuoso Jef Stott’s masterful Oud. The result is a tightly woven vibrant tapestry of sonic textures, out now on independent electronic music emblem Amrita Recordings.

Dexterously fusing mystical rhythms and Eastern-inspired beats, “Keepsake” delivers an electrifying and euphoric listening experience where Arula’s otherworldly vocals are the central focal point. “Keepsake” is an alluring synthesis of electronic, hip-hop and world music that leaves its listeners simultaneously both breathless and inspired. The seductively crafted song lures your bare feet to dance and rejoice in the earth, to remember Mother Nature is our “Keepsake.”

“Drawing from our unique musical backgrounds we felt inspired to create a track that is both fun and evocative as well as haunting and prayerful, an anthem to the earth that we feel celebrates the dualities of both the masculine and feminine archetypes,” David Starfire and Arula stated of the collaborative effort. “‘Keepsake’ is a call to action to be better stewards of the earth as well as a celebration to remember our capacity to create change.”