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Amon Tobin releases brand new sample pack for 2019’s ‘Fear in a Handful of Dust’ LP

Photo courtesy of Variety Playhouse.

Amon Tobin is man who needs no introduction for seasoned dance music aficionados. With over twenty years of experience under his belt, the Brazilian native boasts an electronic sound design that has become synonymous with experimental bass music. As an early pioneer of the half-time movement, under his Two Fingers moniker, Tobin recently released his11-track  Fight! Fight! Fight! LP to endless widespread critical praise. Before that project, it was May 2019’s Fear in a Handful of Dust under his original namesake, followed by Long Stories just three months later.

Now, a little over a year after it’s release, Amon Tobin has released a free sample pack and sound tutorial for his first successive release of 2019. Dubbed “The Sound of Fear in a Handful of Dust,” Tobin takes producers and would-be hopefuls through him building the DNA of one of his most recent and technically perplexing albums. The sounds in the pack were made with analogue hardware, many from rare and unique sources. The DSP employed is specific to esoteric platforms such as Kyma, which contribute unusual processing techniques.

The overall objective with Sample Pack 001 is to provide access to a level of sound creation not typically attainable. So this is much more than a sample pack. It is a collection of elements that were sculpted, to be combined, from clearly identifiable themes to previously undetectable layers and particulates.

The sample pack is now available to be re-ordered and re-imagined into new forms. Purchase The Sound of Fear in a Handful of Dust now. View the teaser here.

The Sound Of Fear In A Handful Of Dust

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