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Deadmau5 and The Neptunes’ official music video for ‘Pomegranate’ debuts across Viacom’s Times Square billboard [WATCH]

For many New Yorkers walking around Times Square today, they looked up to see the music video for deadmau5 and The Neptunes‘ “Pomegranate” debuting across Viacom’s massive LED billboard. Shortly after, the video became available digitally across the world.

The track, which was released in late May, was an instant success right out of the gate. With lead vocals by Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes, “Pomegranate” is a funky mid-tempo summertime tune with light-hearted tones and easygoing guitar chords.

The music video brings on director and frequent deadmau5 collaborator Nick DenBoer as he invites viewers into a wildly animated world as deadmau5 cruises along the hyperdimensional speedways of the galaxy. Watch the new music video below.