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Fall deep into love with TRUTH’s brilliant first foray into DnB, ‘Without You’ EP

There’s dubstep and there’s Deep Dark & Dangerous (DD&D) dubstep. As the rounded label spearheaded by Kiwi dubstep giants TRUTH, DD&D grants the New Zealand natives the platform for full creative control over their output. Not to mention, the cutting-edge imprint, which houses the likes of Khiva, Angelic Root, Ternion Sound, and more, has been hosting some of the best virtual live streams since before quarantine.

Now that the duo is halfway-exported to the thriving US West Coast bass scene, with Andre Fernandez residing in Los Angeles and Tristan Roake with his footing still across the Pacific, TRUTH now returns with a brilliantly-crafted foray into drum-n-bass that proves the pair a master of their craft. On the one hand, their dual residency offers insight into the full snapshot into their diverse artistry. On the other hand, their newest four-track masterpiece offers new flavors from TRUTH that fans never thought they needed from the two.

From the complex syncopation of breakbeats on the quintessentially “DnB” opening track, “Pass Me By,” to the deeply cascading layers of “Without You” and seductive arrangement of “Eyes On Me,” to the complex drum work of “Heartbreak” and the dark, foreboding intensity as “Miasma” sets in to bring the EP journey to a close, it’s a bookend that’s not welcomed.

To say Without You impresses on every front may even be understating a bit, in fact. The entire EP completely floors listeners with its expert sound design and tracks that make them wishing it wouldn’t end. More than anything else, it’s a sonic experience that leaves TRUTH fans questioning why the duo never attempted the genre before.

TRUTH – Without You (DDD066)

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