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The Widdler delivers unbridled experimental effort, ‘Mota Skank’ freEP

Featured photo: Bassik.

The Widdler, aka Yoni Oron, has been at the top of his game in recent years, from incredible performances at events like Sonic Bloom and Basscenter XII to crushing the live stream game with his downtempo wizardry. He’s been steadily releasing some of the best underground wubs and dubs in the business as of late, providing fans with plenty of audible entertainment as social distancing continues. The Widdler’s most recent endeavor comes in the form of a four-track short-player, titled Mota Skank freEP, and is available for free download.

The unbridled experimental effort comes with three originals by The Widdler and one by Spengbond, a reggae artist. The title song, “Mota Skank,” kicks off the EP with some deeply grimy wubs and vocal samples, filled in by uncomplicated accompanying drum beats. It sets up the next track perfectly, allowing “Dozin” to take off with a bit more energy and experimentation. Oron perfectly captures the spirit of late-night RV sets with this project, mixing up speeds but largely allowing for a chiller vibe.

The sub.Mission artist then ties the EP’s third record, “Kicking In,” with the others by combining their elements of ethereal simplicity with deep bass, rounding out his contribution. The final song on Mota Skank comes care of a Spengbond track, titled “Ganjaman (Widd Root’s Booty).”

The Widdler and Spengbond previously released a version of this song called “Ganjamon” that is far more upbeat and wonky than the newer version, which is a chilled out reggae number with more subtle, but well-positioned, elements of spacey bass. This tune is reminiscent of Boogie T.rio’s “Dear Weed Man,” creating an ode to pot dealers across the nation. It makes for a fitting finale to the EP and allows for a well used feature.

The Widdler – Mota Skank freEP

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