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Red Rocks reopens to the public + resumes yoga events

Photo Credit: Rukes

Good news for all the Colorado folks – Red Rocks amphitheater has just reopened the rocks for visitation. Masks are obviously required while others are near, and guests are welcome to stay and enjoy the space until an hour after the sun sets. Festivals and events won’t be happening for quite awhile but they are getting one step closer.

If it’s possible and safe to take a trip there, take it.

This historic landmark has a lot to offer and its majestic beauty is only a fraction of it. Aside from the renowned music events, one of their most popular gatherings is Yoga On The Rocks. It takes place most mornings, usually between the hours of 7 and 10 AM. There are multiple sessions a week for yogis to choose from. Read more about those classes and any other events on Red Rocks official website.

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