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Seven Lions teams up with Last Heroes and HAILENE on dazzling new single, ‘Don’t Wanna Fall’

As arguably the most visible artist during Coronavivrus lockdown, Seven Lions has been using quarantine much to his advantage. In addition to his monthly Visions live stream event, the medlodic producer known as Jeff Montalvo is also bringing back his more laidback Freesol Fridays stream from the comfort of his own home. Montalvo also released a stunning remix package for his Find Another Way EP and now he’s teamed up with Last Heroes and HALIENE on an energetic offering fueled with passion.

The track, titled “Don’t Wanna Fall,” contains all the markers of a signature Seven Lions tracks with HALIENE’s angelic vocals soaring atop. Throw in Last Heroes’ contribution, which come via the song’s ethereal landscapes, twinkling piano lines, shimmering synths, and atmospheric breaks, and the result is another stunning collaboration to come out of the Ophelia Records vault.

“Don’t Wanna Fall” lands as the first collaboration between Montalvo and Denver/San Fransisco duo Last Heroes, who are signed to his label. Montalvo and HALIENE have a history of working together on tracks like “The End,” “Rush Over Me,” “What’s Done is Done,” and “Horizon.”

Seven Lions, Last Heroes & HALIENE – Don’t Wanna Fall

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