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Seven Lions enlists MitiS, Delta Heavy, Gabriel & Dresden, & more on impressive ‘Find Another Way’ remix package

One of the indisputable kings of the live stream has been Seattle-based melodic bass mastermind, Jeff Montalvo, who is widely known under his Seven Lions moniker. Over the course of several months, he’s been teasing multiple official remixes from his Find Another Way EP. Now Seven Lions has delivered on the full remix package for his 2019 short player released on his Ophelia Records imprint.

Clocking in at 10 tracks, the remix package doubles the size of the March released project. With contributions from veteran artists, including MitiS, Delta Heavy, Gabriel & Dresden, and establishing acts like Nurko, Awakend, Inushuk, Arpyem, and Synymata, the collection is purely blissful and wildly diverse in approach.

From Blanke’s sprawling touch up of “Another Way” and Awakened’s expansive edit of the same track, to Delta Heavy’s drum-n-bass reimagination of “What’s Done Is Done” and Monstercat mainstay Mazar’s remix of the Tyler Graves-assisted “Only Now,” this is one cast of remixes who’ve outdone themselves on bringing new light to Seven Lions’ pioneering sound.