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Ahee’s latest release ‘Deviant’ generates waves, receives support from Pendulum’s El Hornet

When he’s not hosting his three musical series’—the left-field leaning Angel Voices, high-energy Bass Ship, and Found Sound composed entirely from field recordings—Ahee makes the time to make staunchly original one-off tracks. The celebrated bass music artist has recently returned with his latest track, titled “Deviant,” a deep dub and drum-n-bass infused transference, out now on Play Me Records. An acoustically delicious journey for the ears, Ahee delivers by slowing down the tempo to 160 bpm while preserving serious jungle vibes.

“I wanted to break away from the norm with this track,” Ahee says of the making of the song. “It’s so easy to follow trends and not think for yourself. I like to take the less-traveled path, my own path, some may call it deviant, but I call it an adventure. Drum and Bass should be at 172bpm, but I wanted to challenge that notion, slow it down, like our world is slowing down during the pandemic, and say something unique and novel, because that’s the mentality that will help us move forward. We need novel thinkers and do-ers to help guide us out of this mess we’re in. We need more deviants.”

Topped off with infectious grime-influenced vocals, Ahee has given us one of 2020’s biggest future anthems sure to shake up any virtual dance floor. Within just four hours of “Deviant” getting released, it’s already received support from EDM titans like Pendulum‘s El Hornet.

Getting his start touring and producing with The Lucent Dossier Experience, AHEE now lights up dance floors with his unique blend of high energy dance floor bangers and sonically complex weird bass tunes that have captured the attention of thousands.