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Tahüm releases provocative music video for single, ‘Suelo’ [WATCH]

After 20 years of producing music for various artists, Tahüm releases a sensual and hypnotic music video for his second single, “Suelo,” a visual art story that encapsulates our deepest expression of sensuality growing up from the soil and into our bodies pouring out in radiant pleasure. His blend of downtempo, ambient, hip-hop and world-bass music guides listeners on sonic journeys of metamorphosis with the intention of conscious movement and connection with the moment.

Tahüm is a mantra. It means, “Thank you, I am enough.”

For Tahüm, it seemed only natural that a track produced about the birth of the new man, a man who is whole–balanced in feminine and masculine–to collaborate with two sought after female artists to help bring his newest track’s aural story to life through conscious art.

“I am so grateful to have been influenced to open my heart by the women in my life,” says Tahüm. “They showed me that it is safe to be vulnerable and open and the importance of unconditional love. It was with their help that I have been led to grow into a whole man myself, without the feeling of lack or need for external feminine energy. Suelo is a song that honors this sacred journey to self and those women that have helped along the way.”

The moment “Suelo” begins, the visuals mesmerize with the male and female subjects’ expression of sensuality: “It is earthy, dirty and divinely rooted, absorbing every touch,” says videographer Alize Jireh, who aligns her work highlighting community initiatives and encouraging young girls to travel.

As an artist compared to Tycho, CloZee, and Axel Thesleff, Tahüm’s fusion of live-tronic performance and stunning visuals are designed to transform listeners through deep intentional experiences.

Tahüm – Suelo (Official Music Video)

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