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Lane 8 & OTR are a magnificent pairing on soothing melodic gem, ‘Shatter’

Just when fans of warm, chill house thought they’ve heard everything, a new beauty has come along in “Shatter.” As the brainchild of This Never Happened label boss Lane 8 and Atlanta-based swiftly-rising artist OTR, the track is a magnificent melodic cut that is as smooth sorrowful as it is transcendent and opaque. “Shatter” is the perfect negotiation of the two producers’ style—between Lane 8’s more organic, chill focus and OTR’s cinematic, airy feel.

Equipped with a guiding four-on-the-floor beat, blissful piano melodies, brooding horns, and angelic vocal samples that sound like OTR’s own voice, “Shatter” does just that for fans of both artists. It shatters one’s expectations. What these two have managed to concoct together is a song that will not only shatter one’s expectations, but leave listeners in a sedative state and filled with gratitude for the gift of melodic music.

Lane 8 is fresh off his four-hour summer mixtape and his Brightest Lights LP while OTR has been keeping busy with the live stream after releasing his debut album earlier this year, which he told CE in an interview that one of his dreams was to work with Lane 8.

Lane 8 & OTR – Shatter

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