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Moon Lotus channels the divine feminine on other-worldly bass track, ‘Visions, Still’ [Exclusive]

The moon has come to signify the Divine Feminine across cultures. When accompanied by the imagery of the Lotus, a symbol of rebirth, these meanings come together to symbolize the concept of rebirth through the divine feminine. This is the connective metaphor that sits at the heart of the Moon Lotus project, which is the brainchild of Salt Lake City-based producer Spencer.

Weaving melodic soundscapes, ethereal bass design, and organic hip hop elements, Moon Lotus’ music tells the story of coming to understand the unknown and the indecipherable. Inspired by the Divine Feminine, the producer births listeners into a universe of sacred soundscapes and tantalizing rhythms that tell of the hidden energies which surround and protect us all.

In their latest track, “Visions, Still,” Moon Lotus incorporates a cacophony of vibrant melodies and other-worldly bass design. During these strange and unprecedented times, this song stands as encouragement to all those who listen to look far beyond our current reality and come to recognize all that is between the seams.

“Visions are something every human has the capacity to receive,” says Moon Lotus on the sacred inspiration behind the single. “Whether it be a message from a loved one from the other side or the creative inspiration that blesses an artist, spiritual messages are in an abundance in this day and age. It is so important to come to recognize and understand these sacred messages, no matter the cost. I hope this song stands as a testament to that idea: to open your eyes to the web of consciousness that surrounds us all.”

Rife with soothing horns, vibrant key arrangements, spacey synths, and a few Alan Watts samples, “Visions, Still” presents a sonic space where listeners can come to relax, meditative, and vibe. The track, which clocks in around five minutes, carries traces of Pretty Lights with touches of classic New Orleans jazz and soulful R&B. As an early intro into Moon Lotus’ forthcoming five-track EP, “Visions, Still” presents exactly the kind of sound architecture that we are proud to offer up as the very first CE Exclusive.

Moon Lotus – Visions, Still [Conscious Electronic Exclusive]

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