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AHEE and Defunk team up on Circus Records for ‘I Feel It’

This is not some hyper-realistic fever dream. No, no, rather this a collaboration between two seasoned underground wizards that is being released through the iconic label Circus Records. Genre-bending alien, Chris Adams aka AHEE, and the heavy bass keyboardist with a funk edge known as Defunk have come together on Flux Pavilion and Doctor P’s seminal imprint to deliver “I Feel It.”

“When I first started this musical journey, Flux Pavilion was someone who heavily inspired me to start writing,” Defunk explains of the release. “As a dream come true, I’m happy to say Ahee and myself have a new song coming out on Circus Records.”

“I Feel It” waists no time getting to the uptempo and down into the dirty nitty-gritty. With the perfect balance of melodic textures, heavy synth patterns, vocal chops, and filthy dubstep action, it’s the quintessential Circus track. The track even dips into fast-paced drum-and-bass bpm territory on the second drop, taking the song into new and unexpected portal ways. The result is something so high-energy, carnivalesque, and ever-evolving that listeners may not know quite how they got here. If nothing else, it’s a fun and fantastical wild ride. 

AHEE and Defunk have been separately making a name for themselves for years. Their whole influence that can be felt across the industry, their countless wonky tracks between the two, and their sheer energy on the new hype-inducing collaboration all speak for themselves.

AHEE x Defunk – I Feel It

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