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SNBRN combines classic house with new wave funk track on ‘James Brown’

One of the greatest aspects of electronic music has to be the flexibility the genre grants artists. Any given single could fuse together several different genres without the listener ever truly being aware of it. Consequently, electronic music can not be so easily nailed down to one specific genre sometimes. EDM’s amorphous nature allows any artist unlimited possibilities when producing a track. Such is the case with SNBRN’s latest release, “James Brown,” a funk-infused experience featuring Malcolm Anthony and Anthony Isaiah. 

After the widespread success of his April 2020 track, “Obsession,” the LA-based producer has returned to the scene swinging. This time around, SNBRN effectively blends elements of new wave funk and classic house. Four-on-the-floor basslines rally behind a sultry guitar riff, as intoxicating vocals send listeners through decades of dance. Malcolm Anthony’s smooth flow and Anthony Isaiah’s soulful croons create a burgeoning combination that is certified for grooving. 

The funk-infused treat is out now on Ultra Music.

SNBRN – James Brown (ft. Malcolm Anthony & Anthony Isaiah)

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