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MUST WATCH: Ravenscoon releases full A/V set from SummerEyes Digital Music Festival

Great news for Ravenscoon‘s cult fan following. The Northern California underground bass star, who runs around his San Fransisco stomping grounds as Paul Conversano, has posted his full set from SummerEyes Digital Music Festival. The original set, which took place in early July, is a wild ride through all-original Ravenscoon content, featuring collaborations with Super Future, UHNK, Bromosapien, Viskus, and Feelmonger. The best part is that the 30-minute journey into all-things-heavy comes with a whopping ten ID tracks.

Even better is that the stream’s visuals are mind-boggling, thanks to a very talented up-and-comer in the world of live visuals named Pickles, and takes the set from a 10 into an outer-worldly, off-the-charts experience. In terms of graphic art, sound mixing, original sound design, and supersonic immersion, this is a set that hits every mark. Of course, Ravenscoon doesn’t let viewers get away without thinking about higher-level concepts on life, metaphysics, and philosophy. With this guy, there’s always an intelligent message tickling your brain as the mind-numbing bass sonics attempt to take over. You’ll just have to experience the set for yourself to fully grasp the levels of Ravenscoon’s journey-filled world.

Also, be sure to check out Ravenscoon guest spot on Conscious Electronic‘s Wide Awake Radio podcast.

Ravenscoon – SummerEyes Digitial Music Festival A/V set

Track List:

  1. Ravenscoon & Feelmonger – Control
  2. Ravenscoon & Super Future – ID
  3. Ravenscoon & Bromosapien – First Contact
  4. Ravenscoon – GOTDAMM
  5. Ravenscoon & Viskus – Dirty South
  6. Ravenscoon – ID
  7. DMVU – Bloccd (Ravenscoon Flip)
  8. Ravenscoon & UHNK – Sandman
  9. Ravenscoon – ID
  10. Ravenscoon – ID
  11. Ravenscoon – ID
  12. Ravenscoon & Viskus – ID
  13. Ravenscoon & UHNK – Sandman
  14. Ravenscoon – ID
  15. Ravenscoon – ID
  16. Ravenscoon – ID
  17. Ravenscoon & Viskus – ID

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