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Listen to Tycho’s heavenly remix of The Knocks’ MUNA-assisted single, ‘Bodies’

There’s a reason Scott Hansen has been nominated for multiple Grammy Awards. When the Bay Area electronic producer touches any track as Tycho, the result is always euphoric and gratifyingly expansive. Even if you’re as big as The Knocks, it’s always an honor when Hansen is intrigued by an original song. That’s precisely why The Knocks has enlisted Tycho for an official remix of “Bodies,” which was released this summer with the elastic vocal power of dark pop girl band MUNA.

When Hansen puts his atmospheric stamp on the electro-rock original, the record goes from highly-energetic to soft, subtle, and completely dialed into Tycho’s heavenly world. Hansen exchanges the song’s electric guitar plucks and upbeat tempos for blissful synths and downtempo delight. Yet, Tycho is sure to add in his own skittering drum kit to give the song a completely new identity, while hanging onto the track’s original intention and mood. The result is a carefree, happy-go-lucky re-imagination of “Bodies” that will surely change anyone’s mood for the better.

The Knocks – Bodies (feat. MUNA) (Tycho Remix)

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