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UFO Project ushers in a wave of hope with uplifting liquid D&B single, ‘New Dawn’

UFO Project is making their debut appearance on Insomniac Records with an uplifting drum-n-bass single in “New Dawn.” Over the years, the Spanish duo has had multiple sightings from all across the bass music spectrum. They last surfaced within the Insomniac Music Group family when they created the hip-hop-leaning beat, “Aulós,” on Bassrush Records‘ compilation album, The Prophecy Vol. 1. The two are now hovering above DnB territory with a stunning slice of liquid that delivers an abundance of bliss. The track is only further bolstered up by the vibe-raising vocal delivery of UK singer/songwriter Leo Wood.

Rising slowing up from the horizon with tender keys and the warm embrace of Wood’s powerful belting, the track quickly gets underway once the delicate broken beat starts to drift beneath soothing synth thrums. Right out of the gate, the track ebbs and flows with meaningful intent. At the midway point, her cadence takes an uptick in speed that is matched superbly by scampering phrases before sinking into a lulling breakdown, leading seamlessly into the closing sequences. In a time where any glimmer of hope feels like a breath of fresh air, “New Dawn” provides positive energy in spades.

UFO Project has built a name around experimenting with various sounds and styles, with a well-rounded discography that speaks to such talents. From their wonky breaks-driven creations to the brain-tickling trap offerings, the pair have done an outstanding job at leaving no low-end genre left untouched. With previous releases spread out all across the scene, they’ve touched down on label rosters from Circus and Deadbeats to Punks and Alkimia Recordings, and more. Now the duo has reached another milestone as “New Dawn” marks Insomniac Records’ first-ever drum-n-bass single.

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