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Shlohmo’s new four-track ‘Heaven Inc’ EP lays out a post-apocalyptic purgatory

Photo credit: Henry Laufer.

Renowned for his experimental productions that fuse far-ranging elements of shoegaze, R&B, doom metal, dusty screw, tapes, and IDM, Shlohmo has been a force for around a decade. Now the LA-based artist has unveiled his latest EP, Heaven Inc., out now on Friends Of Friends. Landing as a continuation of the dystopian landscape from his 2019 album The End, the new four-tracker is the purgatory following the apocalypse.

Heaven Inc. begins with the sinister lead single, “Looking At Plants,” with its jangling guitar chords and ominous percussion setting the chilly tone of the EP while reserving an air of mystery to be uncoiled. While solely instrumental, the composition of each song embodies an alluring character of its own. Between “Nice & Shiny” eerie industrial mechanics, metallic synths of “Misanthrope,” to the title track’s cyber glitch turned hyper rock durge, Heaven Inc.’s juxtaposing delicate and dark soundscapes flirt with the oblivion within a state of limbo. Shlohmo’s ominous, occult-like soundscapes are immediately identifiable on this already-prominent production.

Born Henry Laufer, Shlohmo is a producer and artist from Los Angeles and founder of LA-based record label and artist collective, Wedidit Records. His decade-plus long career has also seen him share several popular EP’s, collaborative projects, remixes, and credits for artists including Corbin, Yung Lean, Jeremih, Post Malone, Joji, Banks, and more.

Shlohmo – Heaven Inc.

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