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Cymek releases second cyborgian bass slammer, ‘Different’ [EXCLUSIVE]

Here at Conscious Electronic, we’ve long been fans of the underground bass sounds. Sprawling with complexity and diversity, the state of bass music in this country is strong at the current moment. With little pockets of subgenres sprouting out of the expansive category of “bass”—from tribal, riddim, dubstep, and West Coast, to experimental, left-field, and half-time, and more—there’s constantly a whole universe to explore different sounds and textures. Coming in a sonically daunting CE Exclusive is “Different” from the mysterious alias of Cymek.

The track is dark, dystopian, and menacing, which makes it the perfect horror-filled release for the month of Halloween. Cymek’s second cyborgian bass slammer continues to push the unique futuristic horror narrative where the artist lays out a fictive world for “Different” where a woman struggles to distinguish her reality from a digital dream:

Year 2092
Upon awakening from an almost 100-year long cryo-coma, Audrey (David Isham’s great grandmother) quickly realizes the line between human and artificial intelligence is blurred more than she could have ever imagined. Has her consciousness been uploaded into a simulated environment? Or is this seemingly half-digital world the new reality?

In this new world, she asks herself: What is real? What is true? What is similar? What is Different?”


Characterized by heavy chops, explosive bass, low tempo eeriness, and total and complete immersive sound, “Different” feels like it’s straight out of a futuristic thriller where computer and human are almost one and the same. Stream the track below and be sure to add this one to your Halloween playlists.

Cymek – Different [Conscious Electronic Exclusive]

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